About us

PageLines- logo.pngWelcome to GayLINC !

On this site you’ll find information which can make your stay in lesbian and gay Amsterdam as enjoyable and interesting as possible.

We offer practical and inside information, put together by gays and lesbians living in Amsterdam with you in mind. We invite you to explore the city we love so much. Maybe not the Gay Capital it used to be (according to some) but nevertheless a wonderful, relaxed and free city.

We do our very best to use our own pictures or free pictures. In case you are the owner of an illustration or in case you know someone who may own the illustration please contact us via redactie@gaylinc.nl. We will follow-up immediately. We care about copyright! Having said that, you are free to refer to GayLINC. If you want to re-use our material, please contact us via the same address.

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