Amsterdam features more than a hundred galleries.

Mr. B

Warmoesstraat 89

1012 HZ Amsterdam

tel. 020-422.00.03

First and foremost a leather and fetish shop, but on the walls you will find gay art. Mr. B has introduced to the public a wide range of styles in gay erotic art. Nigel Kent (erotic pictures), Teddy of Paris (rugged guys), the Hun (very rugged guys), Steve Rush (torso_s) and Freek Weidema (bronze sculptures) had expositions here. Look on their website for the latest exhibitions.

Other galleries

In many other galleries you might find art made by gays, but their works of art are not always explicitly gay. Just pop in while you’re in Amsterdam and you may find something you like. In these galleries the chance to find gay oriented art is not too small: